Doll Factory

Alone she sat, waiting and wondering, when would she ever have the chance to become a real girl...

The painting you see here is one I completed for my color theory class. The dimensions are 20 x 30 and it was rendered in acrylic from my professor's fashion reference. Without question, no other painting has ever challenged me more than this one. It took over one month to complete and a lot of sweat and tears. It began with a simple sketch on illustration board, which was followed by undertones starting with blue in the background, purple in the middle-ground, and green in the foreground. This was done in order to produce depth.

We were then asked to paint from back to front beginning with blue tones and ending in true color. Every color had to be mixed with its complement. I felt like I was painting with Michelangelo during the Renaissance lol. In the end I feel a real sense of closeness with it. Something about the expression on her face and the lighting I find to be quite haunting. She reminds me of a porcelain doll with life in her eyes. It was such a pleasant surprise to find it hanging in the FIT illustration cabinet at the start of this semester. Sort of makes all the effort worth it. Enjoy!!