Tomo Goes to Paris

Me in Paris below...

More specifically, the Palais Royal!!

I met my beautiful friend Tomo when she began modeling for FIT's fashion illustration block last semester. With a mutual love of art and fashion, and our birthday's being three days apart, it's no wonder we clicked instantly. She has always been so supportive of my artwork. Her suggestion that I start a blog led to Travel Write Draw's inception. This summer, while discussing our travel plans, she mentioned her longing to see Paris for the first time. This homework assignment for Bil Donovan's class proved to be the perfect opportunity to send her there.

Once again we were asked to take class drawings of Tomo and integrate them into a graphic background. The focus of the illustrations were her striped shirt. For me, stripes are synonymous with Paris. I decided to reference my pictures of Paris from a trip a few summers ago. I was immediately struck by Daniel Buren's striped columns in the Palais Royal's courtyard. What better way to counter her horizontal stripes with their graphic verticals?! Since I can't afford to buy her plane ticket, this piece of art will have to do. I adore reminiscing about the city of love. Enjoy!!