Gallery Girl

My reflection in MoMA glass instalation
Photo I took of bottles at MoMA and repeated four times

I'm never more at peace then when I'm in an art gallery. Particularly those great big grandiose art galleries that I can lose myself in. When I used to live in Toronto, I volunteered as a docent in the newly designed Frank Gehry AGO. I was probably the most selfish docent they ever hired; I used to spend all my volunteer hours plugged into my ipod starring at the huge Gerhard Richter paintings on the top floor. I really couldn't help myself, letting my eyes wander across the canvases, imagining my hands running through the layers of paint. The spaces there were so large, so expansive, so humbling. Today's post is devoted to my favorite photos taken, oddly enough at the MoMA, not the AGO. I reworked the colors in photoshop for fun. Enjoy!!