Splatter Scatter

Happy Friday Loves,

I've missed you all so much. Unfortunately I've had to put both my blog redesign and posting on hold for the past few weeks due to a super busy schedule. I'm trying to make the most of being in New York during my work term which means plugging away daily at applications and illustration pitches. Fortunately I have some really wonderful projects and commissions on the horizon, which I'm super excited about and can't wait to share with you all here. I guess hard work really does payoff. If I can be honest, I wouldn't mind lying on a beach in Ibiza right now ;)

The three drawings I've posted above were done during a NY Fashion Model Drawing Meetup a few Sundays ago. The lovely Tomo was once again our model (yes I do draw her a lot but can you blame me?!). This group doesn't coordinate outfits in any particular theme, but I liked that there was a lot of combining of textures and shapes. Some of Tomo's poses were very geometric, almost paper doll like, so I wanted to complement them with something less rigid hence 'Splatter Scatter'. I'm pleased with the results, a nod to my abstract expressionist roots.

Meag xx