Celine x Mondrian

Celine SS12

Fashion inspired art, art inspired fashion; the argument falls perfectly into the "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" causality-dilemma category. In the case of Celine's SS12 standout, primary colored clutch, there is no doubting its derivative. This wouldn't be the first time designers borrowed from Piet Mondrian's De Stijl works either. We've all seen Yves Saint Laurent's signature color-blocked shift dress, and Christian Louboutin's lust-after Mondrian wedge. So why is it that designers are so frequently drawn to this simplified graphic pattern?

Furthermore, at what point does referencing art in fashion go from flattery to copyright infringement? While I'm not arguing for one side or the other here in this scenario, I think it's a particularly relevant conversation in light of the legal battle between Louboutin and Laurent; instigated over the use of a red soled shoe in their resort 2011 collection. Ideas and their rightful owners are such a hard thing to pinpoint. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that Celine's clutch is sure to be a season sell-out, regardless of it's source of inspiration.

Anyways, gotta run to the airport. Back to NY for me :)

Much love,
Meag xx