Postcard from Aswan

Aaahh where do I even begin with the beautiful, serene, Aswan?! Located on the southern tip of the Nile Valley, Aswan paints an incredibly majestic backdrop for a 3 day cruise. My travel companions and I boarded an overnight train (boozy, dance-crazed, sleep mobil) from Cairo and arrived in what felt like the heart of the African desert by morning. I will never forget awaking to my saharan desert painting brought to life. With little time to lose, we disembarked the train and bused over to our immaculate cruise ship/home for three days.

Upon arrival we almost immediately hopped aboard a Felucca, traditional Egyptian sailboat, and became intimately engrossed with the Nile. Watching the sunset over the water was so beyond breathtaking. Walking through the markets at night, visiting the sight of Abu Simbel, conversing with my new friends/kindred spirit, made Aswan an absolute dream. Its impression was so profound that even now, when I revisit these photos, I can still feel the heat of the sun on my skin. Thankfully my friend Adam managed to capture some of the experience from afar.

Hope you enjoy my loves!! Still so many photos to come. Oh and check me quite literally "travel, write, drawing" on location at Abu Simbel!! If you can conceive it, you can live it.

Much love,
Meag xx