Portraits from FNO at Lord & Taylor

Hello My Loves,

I know these photos are so delayed but it took a while to get my hands on them. Furthermore, a certain author of a certain blog (ahem this one) celebrated their 27th birthday this past Sunday YAY and got a little carried away!!!! I had THE most fantastic birthday spent with the most incredible friends in the world, brunching, and dancing, and dj'ing, and dancing all in the light of day on the most gorgeous Sunday in New York.

Anyway, another year wiser I suppose. But really I wanted to share these snapshots from FNO at Lord & Taylor by Neilson Flemming of Fashion Art NYC. This year I felt a little more weathered and ready for the madness and I was so happy yet again to bring smiles to these pretty people's faces. Can't wait to start producing some fresh new illos. AND I promise, promise to post Paris Postcard next.

Much love,
Meag xx