Dreaming in Feathers

This post might qualify as the most oddly composed I've ever done here on Travel Write Draw. But to quote Bil Donovan "It's your show. You make the rules." I guess that means I can include a highly rendered nude and my Mad Men Holiday Party photos in the same entry. I've always been a bit skeptical about posting any of my anatomy work on my blog. Perhaps it's my Western upbringing, Catholic guilt complex, that leaves me feeling a bit weary about nudity. To be honest though, this particular life drawing is one of my most favorite I've ever done. To me she quite simply looks like she's dreaming in feathers.

James and I as Don and Betty Draper

To explain my inclusion of the party photos, I guess I would say that they mark the celebratory finish of third semester. Fashion Illustrator extraordinaire James Skarbek and I dressed as none other than Betty and Don Draper. It felt damn good to finally do my hair, wear a pretty dress, make-up, and heels after three weeks of final projects. I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas cheer. Happy Saturday and enjoy!!