Redesigning Vogue

Illustrated Cover Above

Fall Shoes Pencil Rough
Spring Sandals Pencil Rough
Vogue Cover 1946

Our absolute, grand finale, last project ever ever ever in Adobe Illustrator was to redesign American Vogue's November issue. Obviously we had great big shoes to fill with this one. We were asked to reference as many former covers as possible in order to understand the evolution of the magazine. Naturally, I fell in love with the old illustrated covers from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. I took the above cover from 1946 as my inspiration point of departure. It coincided perfectly with Vogue's article on Giuseppe Zanotti's repurposed flat for Spring.

I really admired how this particular cover used one single accessory, yet achieved so much dynamism in the illustration. If the focus is strong in a design, the end result reflects that, so I wanted to be very specific about my cover's direction. In order to stay true to the November issue's text, every shoe I illustrated was from Zanotti's Fall 2010 collection. Even though the article referenced the Spring collection, I illustrated Fall given the season. Thank goodness for all these flats. After injuring my ankle in tennis yesterday, I won't be wearing heels for a long while. Enjoy!!