Barely There

Last Wednesday while viewing my blog, my dear friend and classmate Kayla said to me, "Meagan stop photoshopping the **** out of your illustrations, I want to see them raw." I genuinely honor and respect my peers' opinions. But I had to explain, in my defense, that in order to eliminate the grey smog color of the paper, so many of the delicate shadows in wash are lost. Thus I have to replace them in photoshop with the brush tool.

I happen to despise when my works aren't completely white in the background, but I also dislike losing so many of the delicate subtleties that make a piece so special. Finding a balance between the two is much harder than you think. When you're using wet media on sketch paper there is always a degree of warping. So today, for one time only, here are 6 raw and unedited brush and ink illustrations from Bil Donovan's class. Enjoy!!

P.S. Love you Kayla!! Thanks for your comical, yet incredible, input as always.