Walking Shoes and Dragonflies

All 5 Minute Sketches From Life

Hello from Toronto everyone!! This is my very first blog post outside of New York. It feels like such a dream writing this from my family's country home. I haven't returned since August and I feel like my whole life has changed since then. Coincidentally, today's work of art is all about traveling feet, soaring dragonflies, and an unknown destination. I'm not sure there is a better work of art to illustrate the point I'm at in my life right now. In May I will be completing my studies at FIT. I'm savoring the excitement of the unknown, feeling like I could fly anywhere.

Bil Donovan assigned us this composition a week ago. After 3 hours of drawing Dayna's shoes at random, we were asked to scan them in, and create a surrealist piece by combining some sort of animal or insect. The only rules were to maintain the dimensions of 15 in x 5 in. I love the lighthearted, playful quality of this piece, especially as we are entering the dreary Winter season. Even though I initially had no idea how to put this same shoe from different angles into one composition, in the end they fit together perfectly like a puzzle. It gives me faith that my life will do the same. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy!!