Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Good Evening My Loves,

This past weekend I had the great fortune of meeting the gorgeous and endearing blogger Ania . B!! When I found out she would be in town for a fashion blogger's conference I was ecstatic over the opportunity of seeing her. You can check out a photo of our Marc by Marc Jacobs shopping extravaganza on her blog here. One of the sweetest individuals ever, I'm so fortunate to have met her. Furthermore, my class has been preparing to illustrate at the Oscar De La Renta show tomorrow. We practiced by illustrating the make-up room backstage at an FIT fashion show.

I've been really trying to push myself and challenge my comfort zone when it comes to my illustrations this week. It feels like all the instructions I've collected over 4 semesters is finally falling into place. I love going faster, letting go of my fears of perfection, seeing what comes out when I let myself go. I feel myself improving in my ability to think about what requires definition and what can be left to draw itself. I guess in a way it's all a reflection of me growing into myself, embracing all the mistakes along the way. Feels like Valentine's Day really worked this year :)

Much love,
Meag xx

Kayla and I Backstage
James and Karina anxious to draw
Looking over the balcony