Oscar de la Renta: Siberian Snow Princess

© ODLR FW11 - Look 45

Hello My Darlings,

Alas here is the art piece inspired by a show that can be described as nothing short of magic. For those of you just tuning in, my FIT fashion illustration block had the great honor of attending the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 show this past Wednesday, which you can view here. Our ticket for admission was to create an illustration of a chosen look, showcasing our vision. Being that I was moved to tears (well choked on my tears) at the show, you can imagine how I felt in my own space creating an art piece inspired by my experience. At first I felt completely anxious because I wanted to draw everything, but then I took my time, drew thumbnails, researched, and painted roughs until I found my groove.

I decided to illustrate Look 45 modeled by my face crush Daphne Groeneveld. She looked like a true vision in white, darling girl with flushed cheeks, I just had to paint her. The collection itself seemed to be very much inspired by Russia with an almost nomadic flare to it shown in the patterns and textures. I wanted to place Daphne in a Siberian setting, isolated, and yet owning the space she walked through. When searching for snow queen references, I kept finding Russian fairytale and folklore stories that further engrained my inspiration. Fortunately it all came together, my Oscar de la Renta Siberian Snow Princess and her husky, alone in the fantastical snow covered forest.

I've just sent it into Oscar de la Renta to hopefully be featured on their facebook or tumblr with my classmates. In the end I'm really proud of my piece because I trusted my gut on this and stayed true to my vision. I was so worried that it didn't fit the 'fashion illustration' mold but my teacher Karen Santry assured me that it was everybit what it needed to be, fabulous, (love you Karen)!! Enjoy!!

Meag xx