Back to Front

Tomo with Prada Fur SS11

Hello Darlings,

Once again I feel that I've been away from you all for far too long. I promise it is with very good reason. Presently there are so many wonderful opportunities coming my way and I'm embracing every single one. That translates to very little blog time, and even less me time. Good news alert, it's finally the weekend (yay) and I have a collection of my loose warm-up illustrations to share with you. Nothing particularly new, more just a continued pursuit of loosening up in my life drawings. I find it so comical actually that I go from the extreme of minimalism in my 7 minute sketches, to 12 hour realistic rendering in my finished pieces. I feel like an artistic contradiction.

This week I was able to paint my favorite model and dearest friend Tomo. If you've been following my blog since the beginning you might remember this piece I did with her titled 'Tomo Goes to Paris'. Tomo is so contemporary in her style and has such a flare for life. She's the kind of girl that makes you feel like you can't draw fast enough just to capture all her amazing outfits and awesome poses. Of course just my luck, I arrived 10 minutes late to class this week, which meant I got stuck with a sawhorse that kept getting the back view of her. This is why today's post is decidedly titled 'Back to Front'. I sort of love how the back views turned out. A little mystery is always welcome.

Lots of love,
Meag xx