My Illustrations at W Hotel New York - Times Square Part II

Bebe and I in front of Bebe illustrated

Tomo and I in front of Tomo illustrated

Me and my illustration

My work from the reception

Tomo sitting below a Joe Denaro

The brilliant Mara Louise Cespon

Breakfast in the penthouse with Pat, Minnie, and Elvis

View from the 57th floor overlooking Times Square

Jimmy and I

Model musings

Joe Denaro with models Dayna, Bebe, and Tomo

Hello Darlings,

How have you been?!! I'm so happy to FINALLY be back on my blog!! I apologize I've been away for SO long. I assure you I never forgot about my dear blogger friends. My travels through Los Angeles were so extraordinary but definitely exhausting. I took 5 flights in 10 days between NY, LA, and TO. I needed another 10 days just to recover. I can't wait to share my 'Postcard From Los Angeles' here on Travel Write Draw. Before I do, I wanted to reveal that two more of my illustrations were selected for the third and final installment of W Hotel's Drawing Inspiration fashion illustration series. This segment was titled 'Glances' which was so fitting for the works they selected. I was literally beside myself when they chose two more of my pieces.

The final show included works by my incredible FIT professors Janis Salek and Joe Denaro as well as a gorgeous piece by my extraordinary peer Mara Louise Cespon and myself. I can't begin to describe to you how much I admire Mara's work. Sometimes I literally stop illustrating in class just to watch her process. She is a true star!! This morning we attended the opening reception at the hotel which included a delicious breakfast in the penthouse suite!! Afterwards we returned to the Living Room Lounge to illustrate the beautiful Bebe, Dayna, and Tomo. Today was SO amazing, calm, and extra-special. Without the video cameras, my class drew as we always do in the most inspiring setting.

I have to thank once again the unbelievably talented, supportive, and hardworking Karen Santry for making this event possible. As a result of being included in the final installment, my family will have the opportunity to view my illustrations hanging in the hotel during their stay in New York. I have no idea when another opportunity such as this will present itself. But what I do know is that I'm humbled and grateful beyond belief for this chance of a lifetime. For those of you who are interested in viewing the show it will be on display from May 4th - June 3rd. Again, simply enter the lobby at 48th and Broadway and take the elevator up to the 7th floor. Thank-you again for your amazing tweets, comments, and to all the new followers. You Rock!!!!

Much love,
Meag xx