Living Laduree

Hello Darlings,

I've continued to follow my heart and paint more and more delectable deserts. I'm not entirely sure why I'm so driven and inspired by food items these days but they are such a pleasure to paint. I've titled this post 'Living Laduree' because for those of you who are familiar with the Parisian patisserie, you know that Laduree is synonymous with luxury. In other words the theme here is 'Living Luxury'. So many people have asked me what my preoccupation with food is and I would have to say that for me it's just another extension of a fashionable lifestyle.

I was asked recently for a feature what my relationship with fashion is. As far as I'm concerned fashion isn't just what you wear, it's a way of life. The next time you're sitting in a chic little cafe, look around and observe the customers next to you. Where and what we are seen eating is as important as what you're seen wearing. It's another reflection of who you are, your taste, your cultural flair. So maybe in a way I've answered my own question here, why I'm so drawn to painting food these days. A mouthwatering mille-feuille is as much a statement as a great pair of Manolos.

Lots of love,
Meag xx