Modern Day Marie

Elle Fanning as my Modern Day Marie

The other day while scouring Bookmarc on Bleeker St. for inspiration, I stumbled upon Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette DVD. I watched the movie not long ago for the first time and was absolutely captivated by the beauty of this film. Every image felt like it was dusted with powdered sugar. Kirsten Dunst looked so immaculate with her porcelain skin, white hair, wardrobe of pale blue and pink ribbons, ornate shoes, hats, and feathers. Oh and how do I even begin describing the specially created deserts by Laduree?!

I snapped a quick photo of the film cover to remind myself of the encounter and started thinking of a new series for my blog. Since I love painting deserts so much, and adore anything ornate and detailed, I decided that I would do a collection of work based on a modernized Marie Antoinette. I want to paint her treasures, little capsule moments of her charmed life. When it came to choosing a fresh face muse I immediately thought of Elle Fanning. I fell in love with her features after seeing Coppola's Somewhere just recently.

So here is my Modern Day Marie, hair made of sugary Laduree confections. She's young, charming, and oh so sweet. But this portrait is really just the beginning.

Much love,
Meag xx