Sucker Punch

Veronika Horrocks' Commissioned Piece

Hello My Loves,

It is with great honor that I'm sharing this piece with you today. Some of you may already know that the wonderfully brilliant Veronika Horrocks of Notes to Self, commissioned me to create an original illustration to be auctioned off during the launch of her new website. Auctions are just one of the many innovative features she will be including in her new buying/selling webpage. All the proceeds from the launch auction will be lovingly donated to Cancer Research UK . I simply could not wait to start producing something from the heart, for such a special person, and such an important cause.

When it came to inspiration, Veronika really left it open to the artist. She prompted my creative thinking with a black and white photo of a tough girl screaming in a megaphone. Knowing Veronika's own work, I immediately thought of painting a strong, urban-punk, tongue-in-cheek, type of figure. Furthermore, as someone who has been affected by cancer, I wanted to literally paint courage and optimism with my own fashion flare. I just want to thank the beautiful Veronika for this amazing opportunity. It's not everyday that you get paid to paint what you want, for a cause you care so deeply for.

To check out Veronika's post describing the event click here. And for those of you who have ever wanted to own an original work by me you will finally have the opportunity to bid :)

Much love,
Meag xx