Illustrating at Urban Outfitters: Around the World Fall 2011 Preview

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a spectacular weekend!! I'm finally able to post the pictures from Friday night's event at Urban Outfitters. I had such a blast at the Around the World Fall 2011 preview. We were able to draw portraits of some of the most stylish and youthful New Yorkers around. My art collective Fashion Art NYC did such an amazing job engaging the crowd of customers and don't even get me started on the incredible tunes that were blaring through the speakers (I couldn't stop moving!!). Oh and to top it all off they were serving macarons at the party. How fitting considering my Macaron Marie was featured on their blog Friday morning.

Thank-you to Urban Outfitters for inviting us to attend and illustrate at the event. Also, many hugs to the portrait participants who waited patiently to be illustrated. I was so inspired by the whole experience, and after reviewing the collection's lookbook, that I decided to produce the original illustration you see above. I started researching traditional Ukrainian garments (partially because I am Ukrainian) but also because a portion of the lookbook was shot there. I combined the headpiece and necklace with the reference of a girl showcased in the lookbook wearing the uber cool sunglasses. I think it feels very Around the World esque, or at the very least Ukrainian :)

Thanks for tuning in everyone.

Much love,
Meag xx