I Dream of 'Genie'

I can't pinpoint exactly when my absolute obsession with the Sahara Desert began. Although, come to think of it, Aladdin was always my favorite Disney movie so I guess it makes sense. Something about the exoticism of the location, the heat, the desolate isolation has always drawn me in. That, and the fact that every fashion spread I've seen shot in the desert uses the most radiant colored clothing under the sun. Just the other day my friend Jill made me count the number of times I referenced the desert for inspiration. More specifically, the number of times I've drawn women in turbans on this blog lol.

A few months ago while visiting the lovely Lana's blog Woman-W, I stumbled across her post on fashion photographer James Meakin. Within seconds of opening the post I had a 'ureka moment' looking at his works. Sand dunes juxtaposed with splashes of neon color, ornately designed fabrics, amazing oppositions, contrasting compositions, ureka, ureka, ureka!! It was an artistic match made in heaven type moment. I promised myself that come winter break I would pay tribute to his work by painting a series of these photos. I've stayed true to my word and here is the first one of many to come. Enjoy!!

P.S. How is everyone making out with the 'Illustrators Drawing Illustrators' project? Less than a week to go woohoo!!