Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

Stylish Blogger Award

Firstly, I apologize tremendously for taking so long to prepare this post. I'm so touched that both Vanilla Jarvis and Maya Beus nominated me as the recipient of their Stylish Blogger Award. The award requires you to indicate your nominator, share seven facts about yourself, and propose an additional 15 recently discovered blogs of your choice. I decided it would be really fun to illustrate and collage images of the seven facts you don't know about me. This is also why it took so long to prepare. After all, seven facts is really just the beginning.

The List is as follows:
  • When I was 20 I studied Italian Renaissance Art History abroad in Florence, Italy. I lived with 12 females in a beautiful apartment that boasted the most incredible patio overlooking a church. I would meet for group lectures at the Uffizi or Duomo and on weekends travel to Venice, Rome, and Cinque Terre. I devoured gorgeous meals on candle lit rooftops, danced the night away at Central Park, bought out San Lorenzo market, and fell in love...with life.
  • Whenever I travel I purchase a piece of jewelry that embodies the culture, spirit, or flavor of the city. Each purchase has a story, some more incredible than the item. I like that the experience, much like the jewelry, lasts forever. Unless of course the ring is opal and it shatters in a Roman nunnery.
  • I'm desperately allergic to nuts, which means I've never actually tasted one of those charming colored macaroon treats. Every time I go to Paris, and stare at them through the Laduree glass windows, my mouth waters. Why are they so delicious looking and how have they not created a nut free version yet?
  • By far the wildest place I've ever visited was Ibiza, Spain. So wild in fact, I visited twice in the same summer. By day I ate olives and danced to house music at Sa Trinxa on Las Salinas beach. By night I was transfixed with the dry ice and gorgeous dancers at Pacha, Space, and El Divino. I guess that explains why 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' is one of my favorite movies.
  • My signature lip color is Parisian Pink by CoverGirl. They should actually make me a spokesperson for the product. I've been wearing it for nearly five years now and have turned countless women onto it.
  • My favorite thing to do in New York above all else is wander. In a city so overpopulated and cramped you would be surprised how easy it is to lose yourself. I sort of think it's imperative for my sanity that I walk aimlessly. Fortunately, there is no better city than New York to do it in.
  • Lastly, my greatest goal in life is to be the next Vera Neumann, Virginia Johnson, Leanne Shapton, or Garance Dore. All are incredibly successful female illustrators, innovative entrepreneurs, world travelers, and mini moguls. I hope to achieve even a fraction of what they have in their careers.

My Nominees

Thank-you again for the wonderful nomination. Hopefully you feel you know me just a little bit better now. I like to think that this is just the beginning. Enjoy!!