Blame It On Rio

Two years ago I purchased W Magazine's 'Madonna: Blame it on Rio' issue and immediately fell in love. What could be more desirable than a country that embraces vibrancy, passion, exoticism, and the arts? Coincidentally these past few months have brought me even closer to this magnificent place and it's traditions. For those of you who follow Travel Write Draw you will likely remember my interview with CANSON Brazil. Furthermore, I made a new friend in Brazil through my blog (you know who you are) who was gracious enough to assist me with research on this Carnival in Rio poster. You can imagine how thrilled I was to be gathering so much inspiration from Brazil with this major poster project looming overhead.

So my loves, here it is, finally finished!! That means I have only three more projects to go before April 15th lol. I actually had such a blast painting this 18 X 24 tribute to Carnival in Rio. Without a doubt, I have added this extraordinary celebration to my bucket list. Hope you're having a great start to your week. Almost time for my big reveal Wednesday, can't wait!!

Beijo darlings,
Meag xx