He Said, She Said...

Happy Friday Loves,

It feels so amazing to finally be back on my blog. I had no idea fourth semester would be so incredibly demanding. The great news is that I only have two more weeks left of insanity. Absolutely every project is due by April 15th in order to be chosen and/or rejected for the show. The next day I fly out to Los Angeles to forget (only momentarily) about my impending graduation. Unfortunately, I still have to keep you all hanging a few days more with regards to the good news. But I promise to splurge all the details when I do. As for today's post, I find the illustrations to be downright hysterical. Somehow the models posed in such a way that a story line of 'he said, she said' just jumped from the page. Entirely fitting for the chaos of my life these days. Anyways, I wish you well and can't wait to catch up on my favorite blogs.

All my love,
Meag xx

P.S. Thank-you BIG time to all the new followers, you're amazing, and I'm forever grateful for your support.